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Help & Info about Hello Neighbor for windows

  • Is this the full version of the game?

    Yes, this download is the full version of the Hello Neighbor game. It is the third alpha release, which is the release that came out in the year 2018.
  • Is this game free?

    The game is not free. The price varies over time. As the game becomes less popular, it is likely that the price will fall further.
  • Why is it the 3rd alpha that I am downloading?

    The developers took a long time to create this game. They started with the beta version and then brought out the finished alpha version that they continued to work on. The third alpha version is a finished version that has been released where it is the same game, but the programming has been tweaked. It is not a sequel or extension of the original game; it is the original game.
  • The game doesn't feel finished, is there a finished version out there?

    Sadly, the AI behind the game is highly advanced, but the game’s execution is rather amateurish. As a result, the end game feels as if it is not finished, but this is in-fact how the programmers and developers decided the final product should look and how it should play. The alpha version are all finished versions of Hello Neighbor.
  • Why is one area blocked or guarded when it wasn’t before?

    The system learns how to defeat you, and sometimes it defeats you by blocking or guarding an area. The idea is to either catch you or make you double back the way you came in order to expose you to the enemy. It is part of the game and is not a bug.
  • Is this a kid’s game or a survival horror game?

    This is not a kid’s game because the tone of the game is very serious and the tension it creates is not something that children will enjoy.
  • Does it learn from my actual actions or does it learn from the things that the enemy sees?

    The AI learns from your play style. This means that the game requires a lot of trial and error testing in order to beat it fully. It doesn't matter if the enemy sees you do something or if you avoid the enemy, it still learns by the way you play and not from the things you are caught doing in the game.
  • Can I slow the run/walking speed down?

    One of the biggest flaws in this game is how quickly your character moves. It breaks the stealth mechanic in many instances, and it makes hiding in the few available hiding places very tricky.
  • Why does the game keep crashing and freezing?

    Despite numerous releases, the game still has bugs and many of them are systemic. The game may run well on one laptop and fail to run efficiently on another laptop. If the crashes or freezes start to damage your gaming experience, then ask for your money back.
  • Is it a stealth or action game?

    The producers have marketed it as a survival horror game, and even though it is often tense and you often feel apprehensive about entering the house, the fact is that this game is not a survival horror game. It is barely even a stealth game. It is more of an action game because you frequently need to take action to avoid the enemy. The only reason some people do not call it an action game is because your character has severely limited offensive moves.


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